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Saturday, December 19

magazine gorgeous mask party--crossover project

i am so glad that,i was invited to be one of the mask designer of <> flashing gorgeous party
<>is a local famous lady magazine,which is an expert on sharing beauty and fashion news to reader

the theme of my design is --Crow

1.First, sprayed a protection color on the mask
(Because plastic mask is not easy to color,and it can't keep color so well)

2. Apply acrylic on the mask,as well as your favorite pattern

3.Because the theme is a crow therefore, i choose black feathers as a decoration

Feathers sticked on the back of the mask

4.I have used some crystal in blue and black tone as well

Remember that we choose to create the material have to match the theme

5.I also chose to do with some pearls

Works appear to be more elegant



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