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Friday, December 10

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory再度亞洲區合作 2011初春手袋系列


photo: lo wong(bako studio)

art direction and makeup:maysum

model:chan chiu

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory早前亞洲首次合作推出以super bybie簽名式icon銀包系列反應熱烈,因此兩個品牌再度合作推出2011初春手袋系列
是次手袋系列大玩玩味創作,沒有fancy的印花,只仍然保留ARTESSORIO的簽名壓花;同時加入了不少時裝的元素,如2011初春時裝秀上 Givenchy,John Galliano,SassBide等設計師愛大量加入的ruffle花邊,令系列變得既華麗...此外更大玩錯體窩釘;為了配合這個系列,而特意設計出手袋概念的皮帶,如手袋的手挽竟然變成皮帶的肩帶,時裝跟手袋的靈感雙互影響,併發出極具創意的火花!這個系列帶出了wahahafactory一向以好玩為宗旨的創作風格,實行要把手袋打造成一件件好玩的作品,也令一向走高格調的ARTESSORIO更具時裝感。

為了隆重其事,ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory2011初春手袋系列誠邀了國際模特兒─Chan Chiu 陳昭擔任廣告模特兒。擁有獨特東方面孔的她,強烈的個人風格,充滿地把今個系列的型格和玩味演釋出來!廣告會在亞洲及歐洲各地宣傳,三個各有風格的單位,拚發出來的火花,要告訴世人,創作充滿可能性,從沒有公式。

(launch date18-20-2010)

shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel(852) 2972 2029

Artessorio official website

Wahahafactory official web site
ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory 2nd crossover
2011 SS handbag collection (launch date18-20-2010)

To continue sharing our passion in ART and ACCESSORIES with Hong Kong fashion lovers, ARTESSORIO has collaborated again with WAHAHAFACTORY, a rising star in the design scene in Hong Kong, to create a new collection of ladies’ handbags.
As the debut handbag collection from WAHAHAFACTORY, this collection combines the whimsical fantasy of WAHAHFACTORY as well as the signature patterns of ARTESSORIO, incorporating many fashion elements. Has one ever imagined using traditional metal studs (usually used at the bottom of handbags for support) as decorative rivets placed on handbags? Yes, this collection has done it!

In addition, there are extensive RUFFLE decorations, like what Givenchy, John Galliano & Sass Bide have done in their 2011 Spring-Summer collections, dressing up the handbags as prettily as the models on the catwalk.

The theme of this crossover project is the fantasy journey of Super Bybie. Super Bybie is a little gardener with great imagination. The universe is her drawing paper, and it always brings her surprises. She travels across stars and planets in search of her favourite characters and animals. Through Super Bybie, people can share in her happiness and love.
Throughout the collection, you can see the signature pattern of ARTESSORIO in the fantasy world of Super Bybie. The natural patterns and textures combine with the psychedelic illustrations to create a distinctive new kind of glamour.
In order to enrich the whole collection, ARTESSORIO X WAHAHAFACTORY 2011AW also includes 2 belts, belts that function as both bag handles and shoulder straps!
This debut handbag collection will be launched in Hong Kong and Europe. And it will first be released in Hong Kong at the Magenta.

Media & product enquiry:
HK/Tel +852 9878 9402,

Magenta shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel +852 2972 2029

Wahahafactory official web site
Artessorio official website

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