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Friday, July 31

this is a long story.....

there is a long story of these lipstick sculptures.

a few months ago,i got an invitation of London Heathrow Airport, from a London base agency.they want me to do a five city lipstick sculptures and go to London for further promotion...however after quotation was sent out, they don't get me back or even give me a single word on this project.

actually i am totally understand any company or agency could have the right to find another suitable artist for crossover project. but what i need is just a reply,even it is a reject letter,i am totally ok with it. 
after a few months, i google this project and found out what's going on.

i don't care they found another one,just feeling not so respectful.
(the artist who help them for this project, i really admire most!and he really did a great job seriously !)

lipstick art is my signature(at least at Asia), so even the project is over,i wanna take this challenge,so i made it 
smile emoticon

i just wanna tell the agency and my own ,"i can do it,even i am base at Hong Kong."

btw that artist they collaborated with ,is a super talented one!his works are soooo amazing!!so i don't want to compare with him:)

(his work is on display at Heathrow Terminal 5,do go to support him!)
again,i just want to proof i can do it~ that's it:)
hope you guys love it!thxx

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